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Overview Of C and C++ Training

Etechno Institute provides C and C++ Training in noida. It is known for best c and c++ training institute in Noida and offers hands practical knowledge training with 100% Job Assistance. At etechno we provides training from basic level to advance level concept and our trainers having 8+ years of experience in relevant technology.Etechno provides C and C++ Language from beginner level to advanced level and known as most reputed institute for c and c++ Language Training.

C Introduction

1) C is a general purpose high level programming language which is developed by Dennis M. Ritche at At & T Bell Labs, USA in 1972. Initially it was invented to develop UNIX OS and C is successor of BCPL also called B language.
2) In 1978, Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie produced the first publicly available description of C, now known as the K&R standard.
3) C belongs to the structured, procedural paradigms of languages. It is proven, flexible and powerful and may be used for a variety of different applications. Although high-level, C and assembly language share many of the same attributes.

Features of C Language

Some of C's most important features include:
☞ Fixed number of keywords, including a set of control primitives, such as if, for, while, switch and do while.
☞ Multiple logical and mathematical operators, including bit manipulators.
☞ Multiple assignments may be applied in a single statement.
☞ Function return values are not always required and may be ignored if unneeded.
☞ Typecasting is static. All data has type but may be implicitly converted.
☞ Basic form of modularity, as files may be separately compiled and linked.
☞ Control of function and object visibility to other files via extern and static attributes.


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